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Welcome to the ISOLTRAP database. The database allows you to search for the data (frequency ratio) of isotopes and also shows the paper in which the data was published. The data is not complete. Especially the most recent data, which are not yet published are not entered. There are two ways of querying data from the database: You can either click on the nuclear chart above and thus select a region of interest or you can enter the isotope(s) of interest in the fields below.

Search for data on the isotope - (e.g. Cs-132)

It is possible to use wildcards in your search: Use ? for one letter/number and * for any number of letters/numbers. Example: (A search for Cs-13? will return the data on all isotopes from Cs-130 to Cs-139.) Leaving a field empty sets its value to *. Thus, simply clicking "Search!" will result in a complete list of measured isotopes. 

There are 3 basic ways to search the database:

  1. Isotope search: Enter an element and leave the mass number empty.
  2. Isobar search: Enter only a mass number and leave the element empty.
  3. Nuclide search: Enter both element and mass number to return data on one specific nuclide.

ISOLTRAP papers:

Click on a paper to see the isotope data published within.